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Perfect fit

Lightweight and easy to adjust to size.


I just love the smell and that I can reuse and refill my bottle

Excellent Product

Really comfortable to wear

Excellent facemask

So cofortable to wear

Excellent product

The travel bag is perfect for keeping your mask tucked away I have purchased several masks now too and very well made and bright styles
Excellent customer service too
Will definitely be purchasing from again

Well made mask, good quality, works well,helps with glasses misting.

Great Product

Love this product, it looks great, smells great and having a mist rather than the normal sprays or bottles works really well. Highly recommend

Lovely plain colour for wearing with colourful clothes, good fit but take care when ironing that you don't mark the colour with pick up from the black elastic. But will still give them a 5/5. Even helps with misty glasses. Excellent other choices too and the extra filters are a great idea for more protection.

What I’ve come to expect

I tried one or two other brands before I found NAOA; since then I’ve had several masks from them and found them to be super quality, easily washable, and comfortable to wear. I’ve worn them for up to four hours at a time without problems. The nose wire certainly helps to keep my glasses clear.


One of the best masks wearing glasses

Mask bag

A great idea- clips in my handbag - never without my mask!

Elizabeth Larner
Mask Lanyard

Love this - so useful - mask not crumpled in my pocket!!


Very comfortable and great at reducing the misting up of my glasses

Excellent Comfortable

This mask is made to be comfortable when wearing glasses without steaming up . Good quality cotton and breathable
Will be buying another one .

Lovely scent

Rubs in easily and smells lovely

Lynette Anear
So practical

This was the second lanyard I bought as it is so practical. Put it on as I leave the house and then my mask is always at hand

Best Masks Ever

I’ve bought so many masks that didn’t stay put and that steamed up my glasses but these do stay put and they don’t steam up my glasses - perfect!! Thank you very much NOAO. The lanyard is also a brilliant idea and stops me faffing around
for my mask. I attach the hand sanitiser dispenser to my handbag and again this saves me hunting around for it in my handbag. Can’t speak highly enough about everything I have purchased.

Great product

Lovely fresh scent and non sticky

Very comfy & nearly fogless

Pretty much a perfect mask - wish I’d had it earlier in the pandemic. I notice my glasses fog far far less - the filters and secure nose work really well to make mask-wearing a clear, comfortable experience.

Quality well fitting mask that doesn’t steam up your glasses

Lovely soft cotton mask in attractive designs that most importantly provides a good seal that doesn’t steam up your glasses.

Great Mask

Very happy with the quality, fit & durability of this mask. Comfortable to wear with the added reassurance of the filter pocket. Washes really well too.

great hand san

Love this product, It was important to me to have a hand san I can attach to a lanyard or clip to the outside of my bag. As a bonus this is non sticky, fast drying, moisturising and smells great.

Great mask

Great design, comfortable and good coverage.

My new favourite mask!

They are very comfortable, I love the patterns. They are also the best masks I have found so far to wear with glasses, no steaming up my lenses, which is really important now that the weather is getting colder.

Well made mask

I really like this mask. It has a piece across the nose which helps when wearing glasses. It came with filters which also help. It fits well. Very happy with my purchase .