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A Refreshing Change

I decided to purchase the Lavender Sanitizer after seeing it advertised. I know that lavender is a natural healer so I ordered 2 Sanitizers and 2 refills. I gave one to my bff and like me she is happy to have something that doesn't smell like the normal sanitizer gels etc. I am very happy with my purchase.


Very happy with the mask and how it fits on my face, and the quality of the material is very good and nose clips works well as I wear glasses


Just great hand sanitiser smells are fantastic and not sticky. They are just brilliant.

Sabine Ebert-Forbes
My NAOA set

'Carry me' enables me to carry a spare set of mask, filter, insert, sanitiser comfortably. and it also looks really cool.
I love size, shape and material of mask, it is very comfortable to wear and has a great fit, aided by the loops being fully adjustable.
I think you can never have enough or too many filters. I tend to change masks if out regularly and as needed.
So I am more than happy to be offered the option to purchase additional (30) filters to the 10 already part of each mask order.
Simply a brilliant product, fully recommend it.

Everyone wants one!

Smells great feels great and very pleased to pull out my very smart sanitiser.

Handy size

I bought the handy size vanilla one with refillable bottle..its handy to keep in my pocket when at work..easier to fit in pocket because of shape. The smell is lovely and not overpowering..because its a liquid its easier to rub in too..I'd efinitely buy again

Vanilla scented must is lush,the carry case is very handy .even bought 1 for my mum !

Just the smartest sanitiser.

Smells good looks good and keeps me safe

Really nice hand sanitizer!

Lovely hand sanitizer smells fresh and clean and is not sticky

Love the little bag and the design is really well made ,love it !

The best masks

As a glasses wearer I find these masks the best and they come in a great range of colours. There is nothing I don’t like about them, they’re perfect!

Great product

Coming in a perfectly pocketsble cushioned bottle it’s perfect for grabbing on the way out the door, or just keep in my bag. The scent is refreshing without being overwhelming, and gives a lasting impression of cleanliness without the awful dry skin effect of other brands. My daughters and I have got different ones each from the range - all excellent. Thoroughly recommend.

Quality combined with Design

For a utilitarian piece this is a high quality and well designed mask. Great fit and value piece.

High Quality and Design

A high quality and extremely well designed and exceptionally good fitting mask.

Comfortable paisley mask

Really comfy mask, lovely design and comes with removable filters. Most importantly - my glasses don't steam up when wearing it.

Angela Allen
Mask lanyard

Really great item for when I'm out and about. No longer will my mask be hanging off my ear or getting lost in my pocket - it's ready to put on when I enter shops etc

My recent purchase

Received mine the other week, lovely scent and design, the bag is so handy for me to use and keep in my bag. Definitely order again.

Best Mask

First reusable mask I have found that doesn't fog up my glasses, highly recommend 😊

Another beautiful design

Another beautiful design in a high quality and comfortable face mask. Very comfortable to wear and no more glasses.

Fiona Partridge
Excellent Accessory

Brilliant idea for keeping mask handy and safe when not having to wear it. So good that I have generated custom for NAOA as some of my work colleagues are going to buy one too! Commission?!!

Clean and non greasy

Lovely stylish product, the mint scented one is really clean smelling and doesn't leave your hands greasy like some hand sanitisers. Super pleased with this purchase

Gorgeous and convenient

I love using this hand sanitiser, and am buying more for my mum. It smells gorgeous and the packaging helps so I have it constantly on hand. (No pun intended). Great product!

Great masks

These are by far the most comfortable of the masks I have tried. They are more expensive than many, but wash well and last. The filters are easy to insert and not too thick.

Best mask ever

Only fabric mask I have tried that doesn't steam my glasses. Thank you

Rob Stephen
Excellent products

I was very happy with the mask and lanyard that I bought, but I’m going to have to buy new ones because I lost the originals.